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Gadgets for the Modern Dorm

Gadgets for the Modern Dorm

Gadgets for the Modern Dorm

Today’s latest tech can help college students ease the pain of cramped quarters and noisy roommates  by cleaning their rooms, playing their tunes, and even protecting their valuables.

These days, no self-respecting college student would conceive of arriving on campus without a backpack full of all the latest tech gadgets. Smartphone? Check. Laptop? Check. Tablet? Check. While today’s college freshman may arrive with enough computer power to rival Nshutterstock_235929577ASA, there’s always room for more. Here are our personal picks for the top six gadgets that can help transform a dorm room into a tech-lover’s dreamscape.

No More Chore Charts

The robot uprising may be a years away, but one the Roomba burrows into your heart you might just welcome your new AI overlords. Quiet and compact, the Roomba 980 triumphs over the tyranny of the broom by automatically scanning every crevice and corner for crumbs. This tiny, automatic vacuum sucks hairballs, dust bunnies and more, easily navigating around desks, bunk beds and even piles unwashed laundry. With a price tag hovering just below $1000, the Roomba 980 makes up for its astonishing cost by continually gliding around furniture and silently eliminating dirt, grime and roommate arguments about whose turn it was to clean the floor.

Destination Dance Party

Another off-label use for Roomba involves strapping on an iPod and speakers and creating a mobile dorm-room DJ. For folks with more sophisticated tastes, the latest Sonos sound system delivers a more upscale alternative. The company’s 5.1-channel wireless system includes surround sound and comes in at just under $1800. While Wired admits the setup might be “overkill for your tiny apartment,” there’s no arguing the setup will elevate any karaoke fest or study-busting gathering.

Level Up

When the real world, with its test and term papers and endless lab hours, becomes too much to handle, virtual reality offers the perfect escape. Budget-minded students can certainly opt for low-tech cardboard headsets, but for the true aficionados, the collaboration between HP and HTC takes VR to the next level. High-powered HD graphics and a 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 K processor work together to provide up to 90 FPS gaming capabilities, ensuring a seamless and completely immersive experience.

Personalized Assistance

Virtual reality and DJ-Roomba dance parties can only keep reality at bay for so long. With jam-packed schedules that often involve racing from one side of campus to the other, it can be tough to stay organized. Enter the Amazon Echo, which can handle schedules, supply weather information, and even order pizza delivery, all via voice command. And with the addition of Alexa, the answer to almost any question is just a shout away.

Onsite Movie Night

When it comes to movie night, watching the latest action flick on a dinky laptop screen just doesn’t cut it anymore. With limited wall space, dorms are not well equipped to handle today’s monstrous flat screen televisions. Enter the Pocket Projector. Just close the curtains, turn off the lights and munch on popcorn while enjoying 60 inches of movie magic. Palm-sized and breeze to operate, the Pocket Projector takes up very little storage space and can connect to any portable device, game console or laptop, making YouTube streaming and Netflix chilling quick and easy.

Safe and Sound

With all those portable gadgets, security is must! Thankfully, there are plenty of systems to choose from, including the iSmartAlarm Home Security System. This DIY security scheme works both Apple and Android devices. The system can be controlled via an app that lets users remotely monitor their home. The iSmartAlarm includes instant message via text, email or phone call, and can be expanded to include additional sensors, cameras and other compatible devices.